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Thermal imaging is a process of temperature measurement in which a thermal camera comes up with an image of measurement of the surface temperature of an object by measuring surface temperatures using infrared radiation which is emitted from and measuring the surface temperature of objects in review.

Our team of experts carry out the best property energy efficiency measurement, data analysis and surveys in Thetford. Property energy efficiency, data analysis and surveys are a great way to understand where your property may be losing out on heat.

In addition to our standard survey, we also offer other services that can be selected individually or combined into a comprehensive work tailored to your needs.

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What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is the process of the objects using thermal resolution and contrast of the radiation for images using cameras or a thermal camera which captures thermal resolution and creates an image of an object by the images by using infrared radiation emitted from lower temperature than the object in a process.

The main component of ir camera or a thermal camera is a heat sensor which is attached to the surface of the camera, the sensor of the camera and a special type of lens, which the ir camera or thermal cameras resolution is adapted to the sensor and the resolution or thermal camera’s sensitivity and work alongside the standard image and video capture technologies.

Quality: thermal cameras are imaging thermal cameras that are often sold in Thetford in a selection temperature range of user-friendly ergonomic designs and these cameras offer extremely well image quality with accurate temperature detection and resolution of fine detail in the thermal image images.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts can help you get the most accurate temperature range with thermal imaging, it’s best to get the heating surveys done in colder weather, usually between November and April so our thermal imaging and thermal video and cameras can detect the heat leaving your building.

The best time of the day to carry out a high, thermal resolution, and high-performance thermal imaging camera, thermal sensitivity and thermal resolution survey is in the morning or late afternoon/evening.

This is because surfaces need to be free from infrared radiation or direct sunlight radiation for at least four hours before thermal imaging can be so sensitive and carried out.

Our expert thermographic survey in Thetford includes a detailed but simple-to-understand examination of the problems found by our technical team, along with the various thermal signatures and thermal and thermal and thermal image quality of quality and quality of thermal images taken as evidence.

Our team are committed to ensuring that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions about your home’s comfort and safety.

The Benefits of Thermal Imaging Surveys

Listed below the video are images of some of the benefits of Thermal Imaging Surveys technology in Thetford:

Uncovering hidden issues

Thermal imaging is an advanced measurement technique of measuring temperatures that measure the temperature differences or measuring the radiation emitted usually measures the radiation that indicates potential defects within or measure measuring the heat of radiation spread across the surface of a building.

To detect air leaks in Thetford, it is typically recommended that you check around the roof, windows and doors for changes in surface temperature, this is usually identifiable by measuring their colours, measurements or temperatures by measuring their temperature which is a clear indication of temperature and of temperature from where air is escaping.

Perform home inspections

A thermal imaging survey allows you to identify any problems with the transfer of heat within your home.

If your property is losing thermal energy easily, it is very likely that your electricity bills will be exceedingly high, however using thermal imaging technology, you can pinpoint where energy is being lost so you know which areas need the most attention and repairs.

Detection of electrical faults

It is massively important to identify the signs of electrical failure before it’s too late

Thermal imaging technology can allow customers in Thetford to identify overloaded or overheating components or circuits or whether a motor bearing may have failed. It ultimately allows you to repair any faults before they cause your property damage or indeed harm occupants.

Thermal imaging is advantageous in the sese that you can repair any faulty equipment or electricals within your property in good time, the aim is to do this before it gets too expensive.

Speed of response

The various thermal imaging cameras and infrared thermal camera equipment we have available is ideal for detecting a wide temperature range of of faults within your home or office space, which allows us to identify faults quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money.

The cameras require no downtime and are convenient and effective, which allows you to visualise the areas that need repairs.


Being lightweight and portable in design make the cameras perfect to move around with ease during complete building inspections, this one visual camera massively speeds of the analysis of measurement and analysis of measurement data in process and ensures a high degree of measurement accuracy in the analysis of measurements and measuring your results.

Don’t waste your money

Thermal imaging ay seem to be expensive upon first glance however you will find it is significantly cheaper than the cost of escalating energy bills and repairs which could have been prevented prior to a failure.

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Types of Thermal Imaging Surveys

Listed below are some of the types of being detected by thermal imaging surveys:

Residential Thermal Imaging Thetford

Thermal imaging is used in a wide variety of ways, including in building surveys, especially to check the insulation of the building and potential heat loss, this helps you to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

Commercial Thermal Imaging Thetford

Our team of experts use thermal imaging cameras to take pictures of temperature, thus measuring temperatures across a range of properties to find out why some parts are losing heat in comparison to others.

Our experts will check temperature range of everything measuring both surface temperature inside and ambient temperature outside of the building carefully to find the problem. We will then document the issues found handheld thermal camera images in a report so it is simple and easy for the client to understand.

Thermal Imaging Survey Costs Thetford

The average cost of a thermal imaging surveys is around £250 for a flat or £299 for a house. If combined with a snagging survey, all of our Thermal Imaging Survey are £250 or above. Listed below are the average price in the UK:

What Can Thermal Imaging Surveys Detect?

Thermal imaging camera technology is able to detect and measure the following faults and defects:

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Thermal Imaging vs Night Vision

Thermal imaging technology doesn’t require any light to work. Night vision camera technology works by amplifying visible light in the camera and immediate objects in camera vicinity.

Thermal imaging camera technology typically uses infrared sensors and cameras to detect temperature differences between objects in its line of sight.

Night vision camera with resolution enlarges images of the ambient light in in a scene and thermal imaging camera with resolution converts it to green tinted thermal images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most common frequently asked questions:

How Often Should Thermal Imaging Be Carried Out?

We suggest that a thermal imaging survey should be carried out every 12 months, especially for businesses with heavy usage equipment.

Can Thermal Imaging Detect Cold?

Yes, the thermal imaging camera technology and infrared heat sensor technology can detect warm objects as cold objects.

Thermal imaging cameras use colour to show temperature data to show the range of temperature variations in measuring the range of relative temperature of objects, cold temperature or surface temperature is purple, moderate temperature range measurement is red, reflected temperature, and hot temperature is yellow.

Standards for Thermal Imaging

BSRIA, thermographic survey and thermographic building surveys that are conducted by engineers qualified in thermography makes accordance with ISO 18436:7 and thermographic building surveys in thermography makes accordance with BS EN 13187 and ISO 6781 as recommended by the UK Thermography Authority (UKTA).


If you are looking for a team of experts in Thetford to help or advise you with any of your other other thermal imaging camera still image or other thermal imaging camera video or thermal imaging camera needs.

Our company can help and prepare you for stuff that you need in preparation for your next thermal image or thermal imaging camera survey.

If you want to find out more information about the services we offer in Thetford, fill out the enquiry form to talk with us so we may offer you more information on what we can do as a company to help.

We look forward to hearing from you and looking after your own your thermal imaging cameras and infrared camera that works and infrared thermal imaging camera works, and needs, giving you peace of mind and great advice to ease any concerns when it comes to thermal imaging and infrared cameras, and infrared thermal imaging camera works and to energy efficiency.

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"Kudos to your experts for their top-tier commercial thermal imaging service! They pinpointed electrical hotspots in our building, preventing potential hazards. Quick, accurate, and a true game-changer for our safety protocols."

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